Reminiscing: A Trip Down Memory Lane

So the parents, sister and I have just moved house. And I finally have my own room! Yay. Well this hasnt really stopped my sister from coming into my room taking all my things and just well not using her own room. You would expect after 24 years of sharing a room together, she’d leave me alone right!?

Anyways…as my mum and sister look through things that need chucking away, they come across at least 24+ years of photographs, including parents wedding albums and invite.Yes thats alot of old printed pictures and negatives. Negatives you say? yeah we are going back a loooooong time ago!

Well as my sister looks through all these old pictures, she start to come across all the baby pictures. Being the elder sibling that my sister is, she likes to embrass me showing by friends with pictures of me when I was baby stating and I quote “I cant find any pictures that doesnt have Niki with her tounge out” Thanks sis, great way to literally show people my baby pictures. But you know what, there literally arent any pictures where my mouth/tongue isnt out! What can I say, must’ve been a happy child right…

Talking about the 90’s my mum did dress me and my sister in some odd clothes, like patterned leggings and the same outfits. Like at times I think why and was my mum think we were twins or something but those patterned leggings have come back in fashion. But dont think I’ll be seen in them again.

Although I hardly think neither me and the sister want to be seen in the same outfits again. Even though she takes alot of my dresses knowing well enough they wont fit her.

So there we have it, a little insight and trip down memory lane for some to the 90’s which has made me feel rather old thinking I’m going to be 25 next month.


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