Proudest Moments

So as I was sat at work on a relative slow and boring day, I started thinking and searching for ideas for another blog post. I came across this whole proudest moments blog post which I’ve seen pop up on several lists of blog post ideas. So thought I make one for mine.

I dont really have many proudest moments, but one and probably the biggest proudest moment (to date) I can say is definitely being acceptingΒ into university and graduating. At the start, like most teens, I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to go to university, but after dropping out of year 12/6th form and going to college, I started to realised, I would have a much better chance of getting into uni this way. So started to focus a lot more, with the appropriate course which was a National Diploma in IT and Business, and pushed towards getting the best marks possible in every module coursework.

The time came to starting to apply for my 5 choices, which to be fair was the hardest, because I wanted that freedom like my sister got, wanting to go far away as possible from parents, who obviously wanted me to be studying in my home town (let’s face it, this definitely going to happen). So after a coupleΒ of open day visits, arguments with the parents (more so the mother and me), and looking at the tables, I decided on my 5 choices, even though 2 were for the same university! Lol.

As time went by, the dreaded “accepted” and “declined” updates started to come through. And to say that I was pleased that I was turned down by 2 of my choices would be an understatement as I was quite disappointed. But after some time I was happy that I was accepted into one university that aloud me a bit of independence and privacy from parents which they werent too happy about but accepted.

To say that university is an easy ride…well it really isn’t. Doing background reading into the course your taking up would probably be the best thing to do, which I didn’t really do, and that’s where it all went wrong for me personally. However with all the stressing and panicking, you do have the upside of making new friends on your course and in your student halls (Oh how i miss freshers!) who some will become friends for life.

Even though my uni journey took longer than I anticipated, which including a couple of takes, resitting a year and taking a year out, I managed to get through it all with a lot of help and support from my family and friends and finally graduated…one day I thought would never happen. But one day I will possibly never forget either.


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