My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list right? And like many, bucket lists can be ever changing as you see other people bucket list and think “wish I had that on my bucket list”. So here we go

  1. Graduate From University –  Can safely say I can tick the off my bucket list after graduating last July!
  2. Go To A Beyonce Concert – One thing I had always wanted to do was see Beyonce live in concert, because for me she is such an amazing artist and one person I would love to see live. This I can too official tick off after not just seeing the her once by twice!
  3. Travel The World – I for one am someone who dislikes staying in one place and love to see four corners of the world. There has not been a year (from what I can remember) since I was born where I have no been abroad. You’d think by now I would’ve seen the world by now, but there are still places I would love to visit whether that be with family or with friends.
  4. Learn A New Language – Well this should be ticked off by now considering I go to Spain every other year, but yet to achieve this.
  5. Achieving Ideal Weight Loss – This is something I have been trying to achieving for rather a long time and hasnt actually gone to plan. Gym is my enemy but need to work around that
  6. See The Northern Lights – Have always wanted to see the Northern Lights however its not always guaranteed that they are seen. However an trip to Iceland wouldn’t be soo bad!
  7. Go Up The Eiffel Tower Again – Although I have been to Paris once with my mother’s side of the family and went up the Eiffel Tower, I have always wanted to go back to take in the amazing views and surroundings of the city.
  8. Snorkeling  – I love watching nature programs specially those that consist of diving in the ocean to see what amazing corals and fish you can see. I have snorkeled (is that even a word?!) in the Red Sea and that was just soo amazing. However there are other places in the world specially Australia where I’d love to snorkel
  9. Parasailing – I have always wanted to parasail on some holidays and see the city/coast line from the open air. One place I wanted to do this was Dubai, because you know, Dubai is such as amazing city to see from the air. However never got to this but  one day I would love to cross this off my list.
  10. Visit New York/Statue of Liberty/Long Island – This was suppose to be my 25th birthday holiday for this year, which is not happening sadly 😦 but I hope to go in the near future. There are so many places I want to see in the city, specially ground zero and a helicopter ride over the city would be soo amazing!
  11. Sunrise/Sunset Hot Air Balloon – As mentioned in regards to a Helicopter ride of NYC, this some what falls into a sunrise/sunset Hot Air Balloon ride. Not sure if thats possible over NYC and  Long Island, but just to experience a Hot Air Balloon ride during sunset/sunrise would be amazing.
  12. Stargazing – Speaks for itself really
  13. Take Up A Cooking/Baking Course – I love to cook/bake. However nothing I make specially my cakes/cupcakes, well in terms of the finishing, never turns out well. So to be taught how to make my bakes look amazing and something I can put on the table for special occasions.
  14. Skydive – This is something that has been on and off my bucket list. I mean like I’d love to do something this extreme as I have seen many people from university doing a skydive and raising money for charity, but to jump at a plane at god knows what height some what frightens me.
  15. Own A Pet – I love animals, but I can also be scared of them too. My mum is a dog lover ever since she was a little girl. Same goes with my sister really. A family friend use to have a German Shepherd many many years ago who sadly passed way. Whenever we use to knock on the front door, he’d always be barking and I be scared and hide behind my mum. However since then, I love to go a family friend’s house, not to visit them, but their dog/cat.
  16. Drive A Jet Ski – I love to do this!
  17. Ride A Zipline –  Again I’d love to do this
  18. Visit The Taj Mahal  – Being an Indian and not to visit the Taj Mahal would just be crazy! The views from every angle of the Taj were amazing! However soo busy and crowded everywhere you go. There was one bench in the grounds that was just always busy because it was sat on by Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan and we just pushed our way forwards to sit on the famous bench. Not like I was going to miss the piece of the action right
  19. Spend New Years Away From Home – Although it’s nice to be spending new years eve at home with family or in London freezing and waiting for the fireworks to begin, spending it in a different city/country to take in the atmosphere and also the weather (if it’s warm enough).
  20.  The Harry Potter Tour – Ever since the studio’s have opened, every year I’ve been wanting to go. Hopefully to tick this off in the coming months
  21. Go To One Of Those Chocolate Making Workshops – For someone who loves chocolate and who has been to Cadbury World, this is one activity I would love to do.
  22. Holi In India – Even though I have had the opportunity to play holi at uni, doing this in India for the full experience and for the first time.

Im sure they may be several things I may have missed out, but as I mentioned bucket lists are ever changing right. So I sure this post will be edited over time. But in the mean time I’ll shall leave it here. What’s on your bucket list?


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