OnePlus Two – We all need a change

So its coming up to 5 months since I changed from Apple to Android and yes some people may think it crazy, but we all need a change right? I am one of those who goes through a lot of phones…not because they break, but to keep up with the latest technology and will want a new phone more or less every birthday.

Anyways…I kind of was going through a time where a fresh start was needed, and was toying with the idea of whether or not I should get the Iphone 6. I mean since I started off with the iphone 4s, I may as well carry on supporting Apple right?  Well since downgraded from the 5s to my sister’s 5 after she had got a new phone called the OnePlus One, I thought about getting the latest version of the OnePlus called the OnePlus Two (durr!).

OK! So I know you’re all reading this and wondering what the heck is this phone, right? The OnePlus is a Chinese/Japanese phone on the Android market, which until recently an exclusive invite was needed for anyone to purchase the phone from the company’s website.

Ok so, I did my research (as I always do) having a look round deciding on the iphone 6 or changing towards the Android market looking at the Samsung S5 or even the OnePlus Two. After a lot of comparing, the OnePlus Two was clearly the winner hands down as it cost me half the price of what the stand alone price of the Iphone 5/5s/6 and the Samsung S5, which I was very pleased about, even if it took me a while to get an exclusive invite to purchase the phone!

Screenshot_2016-04-10-19-36-41~01.pngI was excited when my new phone arrived, and always I was told not take the covers off the phone until I had phone case at the ready…Like how am I suppose to take my new phone anywhere then!? Anyways, set up my new phone which took a while do so, but once everything was set up and all ready to go, I had to download all my apps one by one. This was frustrating, because unlike the iphone/apple I could not just sync my phone to itunes and add my apps to my phone at the click of a button.

Another thing i was concerned about with this new phone, was the size of the phone itself. For someone who has fairly small hands and using a much bigger device doesnt go well if you think about it. But after using it for nearly 5 months, I have got use to it, even though its difficult to put in my pockets without it feeling like the phone’s going to just slide out. Definitely would not go back to using a small device.

IMG-20160410-WA0001But since I have had my new phone, not going to lie, I do miss having an iphone and being able to change the picture filter before taking a picture. However that is pretty much the only thing I miss. Being on an Android device, and having a phone that nobody has seems to have heard does make it unique to me. Unlike the battery life of the iphone, on the OnePlus Two battery life will last up to a day and half…that if your not glued to the phone using app throughout the day.

Looking back on my choice, I would say it has been the best choice I have in a long time. And could not be able to use anything smaller than what I currently have. If anyone was to ask me about what phone to get, I would definitely try to persuade them onto the OnePlus Two.





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