Travel Guide – Places I Want To Visit

So as I mentioned in my bucket list, I am yet to travel and see all 4 corners of the world. When I’ll be able to accomplish this is yet to be seen. But here a few of the many places I love to travel to:

New York – New York is well the very NYCtop of my list currently. Many people have said they would take me before it would be too late, considering now that they have started rebuilding ground zero. But one day, I love to visit to do a bit of shopping, see the city from a helicopter, take boat trip round Statue of Liberty and Long Island.

Prague – As a cheap weekend getaway,
Prague is somewhere I’d love to visit, and having a a friend who went to Prague to study medicine also helps discovering the city even more. But the city itself, the architecture of the buildings are amazing.

b41fa91284Gran Canyon – My dad has always said that he would take us one day, but this is still yet to happen. I know its just a bunch of high rocks etc, but just to experience the views is something right.


Australia – Although I cannot deal with creepy crawlies (I mean who 05_sydneylikes spiders and snakes?!) Australia is one place I love to see. Even though it its pretty much on the other side of the world, 20+ hours on 2 different planes the jet lag would be soo worth it. From seeing the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House to Uluru, travelling around the country taking in the sites, and possibly running into the cast of Neighbours (I wish!) would wouldnt love a trip down under right?

Bora Bora – Need I say more


Santorini – Ever since I’ve watched many bollywood films as well as Hollywood film, set locations were always my pin point focus and thinking how I’d love to visit these amazing locations that only film people seem to find. Greece, specifically Santorini. Those white buildings with the blue top roofs, stunning pools overlooking the amazing ocean. Who could not want to.

I shall leave this post here because this has made me want to go on holiday. So until next time, bye 🙂


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