Travel Guide – Places I Have Visited

This kind of follows on from my previous post, although I should have written this one before the other, but hey ho. So as i have mentioned previously, I am the type of person who loves to travel and see new places. So here is a guide to some of the places I have visited in recent years:

Dubai – Dubai has over the last couple of years been one place I and alot of family and close friends have talked about, but never really seemed to be a holiday that would ever happen. However during my year out from uni, where I decided to de-stress, and get a part-time job saw this finally come together. Obviously, you cannot got to Dubai without seeing the world’s tallest building: The Burj Khalifa! So decided to research the best times to visit including sunrise and sunset, and came to conclusion of booking tickets in time for the sunset. I mean the views from the top are just pure amazing! Amount the Burj Khalifa, even getting a glimpse of The Palm/The Atlantis, The Burj Al-Arab and all the shopping malls including The Dubai Mall is something not be missed. Although you see alot of the modern side of Dubai, I wasnt expecting to see the more traditional side of Dubai when crossing the water on the boat where it felt like you back in the streets of Leicester.

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Sharm-El-Sheikh – This is another holiday that took place during my year out from uni (yes 2 holidays, dont judge me). For me this, I’d class this a late birthday holiday treat me as nothing ever seems to happen on the actual day due to exams etc. To say this was the best all inclusive holiday I have been on is probably true even with one coming up in the next month so will be hard to compete with (post for late date!). A holiday to Sharm is quite challenge when you family is vegetarian, and when holiday destinations class chicken and fish as vegetarian! Anyways…my parents had been to Sharm previously for their 25th Anniversary and to the same hotel we stayed which was handy. Also handy that my mother found an Indian chef as well because my mother is well rather fussy. Anyways having stayed at possibly the only water park hotel and having all the privileges free from the Spa, the park to the free drinks was amazing. Having never been to Sharm before however researching that there is Soho Square with the Ice Bar (not exactly the same as the one in London which I still need to visit) it was one for the list of things to do whilst over there. But the highlight was snorkeling in the Red Sea – Just amazing!

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Ibiza – Ok so Ibiza is one place we go every other year as we have a time-share apartment and somewhere as a family, we love to get away and just relax. We’ve been going to Ibiza for at least more than 10 years now. While most people associate Ibiza as clubbing and drinking, but that is just one tiny part of the island. You can go to Ibiza with your family and take in the sites of the old town, the shopping, the scenery and the hidden beaches and towns. Although now that I’ve pretty much seen everything there is to do in Ibiza, minus the bars and nightclubs (not ideal when with family!) it’s nice to just sit and relax in the sun by the beach and pool. However in recent years, the weather has not been so great during mid/late august and has poured it down with rain and thunderstorms, so even though you are in a different country only thing that seems to be different is that its a lot warmer.

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The Algarve – This was a last minute holiday where I found myself thinking I was not going to get a holiday due with retakes at uni. This stressed me out and really needed to get away. So instead of me, sister and my parents, this time it was just me and the parents…fun! (err not really!) Anyways the algarve is the bottom part of Portugal for those who didnt know and is known for its coastal beaches and Mediterranean weather. It is truly amazing with the old part and new part which you can pretty walk around. From taking in the amazing scenery when going on the island tour, to seeing amazing sand sculptures and seeing how wine is made. It is really worth exploring the Algarve.

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