Diets: Do They Really Work?

Ok so the short answer to this is that diets can work…but is just a short term fix. I seen many people, including one friend, who went on a juice diet for a couple of months where yes she did lose a lot of weight but after she slowly started going back onto normal food she put all the weight back on.

I am one of those people who have struggled losing and keeping the weight off due to whatever the reason may be. I love my food, but for a vegetarian it can be something of a challenge to get all the aspects of dietary requirements specially when it comes to finding a substitution for meat and fish in getting protein into a balanced meal.

Anywho’s I have tried a number of things over the last couple of years from a combination of diets, gym and reducing portion sizes. People close to me, specially my own mum seems that she knows everything about food and thinks she is some sort of nutritionist/gym instructor when she really isnt. And doesnt understand that losing weight isnt something that happens overnight.

Like I first stated, diets are a short term fix but there are number of diets that I have tried which I had read everywhere, and thought I’d give that one ago.The first one was trying Slim Fast. This is a substitution from your daily diet to Slim Fast’s diet plan of a selection of 3 100 calorie snacks bars or fruit, veg, 2 Slim Fast shakes or meal bars and one 500 calorie balance meal. As well as drinking at least 2 litres of water and exercise. So as you can see this can be something of challenge when thinking of what meal you can have in the evening.


The Soup Diet was another one I had read that was worth giving a go. So how does soup make you lose weight I hear you ask? There are a number of ways. Soup is proven to be more filling due to it’s water content and therefore makes you fuller for longer. Hence why you see soo many restaurants with soup as a starter on their menus. It’s also healthy as you are throwing in vegetables into a pot and grinding zucchini-parmesan-soup-12098_lthem into a watery based content when cooked. I did find this diet a challenge as I never liked anything other than the plain tomato soup for a jar. However finding the time to think of different vegetarian soups I began to enjoy experimenting and knowing the taste difference from homemade soup and from a tin jar of soup. While being on this diet, I managed to try a couple of new soups, some I wont be making again like Spinach and Tofu and Gazpacho to one particular I now claim as my favourite: Courgette and Parmesan cheese soup (tastes just as good without the cheese). Finding this recipe after watching Come Dine With Me, where someone made this soup which was pretty simple and I’d recommend anyone to try it.

While combining both the above diets, just trying the normal healthy eating by consuming a lot more fruit and vegetables, and reducing carbs was simple enough. However after a while, I felt like I was missing out important foods in my diet, as well as the odd junk food. The cravings started coming back as well as trying to fit certain things like going to the gym and not being able to eat at the same time everyday.

Anyways going back to the original question of whether diets actually work or not, well if you keep going at it with dieting and going to the gym for about 4 days week then yes, you will see the results. However realistically, losing weight can prove challenge when you are juggling multiple activities during the day and have times where you just want to pig out on your favourite food and relax instead of going to the gym.


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