Movie Review: How To Be Single

Ok, so its been little over a month since I started blogging and I wanted to something different other than the standard food and travel posts…therefore here we are not really sure where to go with this but lets begin…

There’s a lot of films I have missed and thought instead of spending a fortune on outrageous prices on cinema tickets, I’ll just stream on the internet through the comfort of my own sofa!

So this time, I decided to catch up on How To Be Single. The film stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie and Leslie Mann.

Quick Synopsis – After four years of college, Alice (Dakota Johnson) decides she needs to take a break from her long term boyfriend to find out who she really is. Ready to see what the world has in store for her without behind “tied down” Alice moves to New York City and joins a law firm as a Paralegal. Cue Robin (Rebel Wilson), single and ready to show Alice how to enjoy the single life in NYC, meet men and get free drinks.

So we’ve all watched Fifty Shades Of Grey…or at least heard/read about the book where Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele the infamous submissive. Although not being such a huge fan of her,  How To Be Single is completely to Fifty Shades, Dakota shows her vulnerability, and all her emotions perfectly, making her perfect for the role. While the film revolves around another 3 different stories, Dakota’s story is the main focus of the film of how she tries to find who she really is in such a big city like New York. As mentioned, the film revolves around 3 other stories such as Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie and Leslie Mann. Alison Brie’s character Lucy wants to find a husband and her happily ever after, while Leslie Mann (Meg) who is Alice’s elder sister and a workaholic Doctor who wants to have a baby with a sperm donor. Then theres Rebel Wilson (Robin) who chooses not have a boyfriend and enjoys living the single life. Although the film depicts a multiple story line which doesnt always work out well, it does give 4 different perspectives of being single in such a big city which does in my mind appeals to a much wider audience through all walks of life.

Although Rebel Wilson had a small part of the film which is my only negative about the film and again not a big fan of her’s she made the film a lot more funnier and some what reminded me of some of my friends who would rather be single and enjoy life instead of being tied down.

On the whole, I enjoyed watching this film. Its not your typical romantic comedy type of film but is something you could watch knowing that like the characters in the film, being single and living in a big city is ok. But also knowing that your Mr Right is somewhere waiting for you without using some sort of algorithm.




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