Struggles Of University Exam Period

It’s May and it’s that time of year all university students (especially final year students) dread the most…EXAMS! I’ve been there and the struggles that only we as students will understand. So to lighten up the mood and see the funny side of things here are some struggles we face during this stressful time of year:

  1. Your lecturers just wont shut up on how important these exams are
  2. Your parents will do just the same and nag you and keep asking how revision is going. At the end of the day, our parents are only wanting you to do well
  3. Most of us will procrastinate…because well we need a break from the constant revision and decide to watch the next episode of The Big Bang Theory or Game Of Throne but never get back to that revision
  4. Start to feel that these exams are going to decide your whole future – scary thought for final year students
  5. Wish you actually turned up to lectures or not sleep your way through them
  6. Turn up to the all important revision lectures hoping to get some help on questions that may end up in the exam
  7. Start considering an alternate career path if all else fails
  8. Coffee is now your new best friend
  9. The library becomes you new home
  10. Your diet goes completely out the window – JUNK FOOD NEEDED!
  11. Your room becomes plastered with post-it notes
  12. Build a revision timetable…which you never stick to
  13. Take your frustration out by updating your facebook status at how screwed you are, hoping other people are in the same boat
  14. Form study groups with the geeky people hoping something sticks in your brain – it works! Ive done it before and is the best way!
  15. ย Simply, you cry because you just cant take it anymore
  16. Just want to go to sleep
  17. Stay up the whole night or wake up a very early the day of your exam to try and cram in some more last minute revision, hoping it sticks in your memory
  18. Considering cheating by making notes on your hand
  19. Compare notes with friends and realise you all have different answers
  20. Start to panic
  21. Calculate how much you actually need to pass the exam
  22. See your handwriting change when your told “You have 5 minutes remaining” – scary times
  23. See a question you totally was not expecting to come up on the paper – uh oh we’ve all been there

I’m sure I have missed out a few points and would love to hear from other students out there currently facing exams at university. However wish those who do have exams all the best of luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can do it!


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