Why Not To Fly With Ryanair Again

Im back from my birthday travels and it is safe to say I would rather still be in a hot country sitting by the pool. Anyways less of that for now. I love flying and trying to get the best deals for holidays, but waking up for an early morning flight is such a chore. Having not flown with Ryanair in such a long time, the cheap airline seemed to be the only option to get to Marrakech.

So the day arrived of the flight. Living 2 hours away from the nearest airport and waking up for an early morning flight is never ideal. Having never had any major problems with the airline before, I thought it would just be the same this time round. Boy was I wrong.

Here are some reasons why I will never travel with Ryanair again and why the budget airline makes you lose faith in airtravel completely:

   The Airports

Ryanair flies from and to airports that are dedicated to low cost airlines and you do not want to be stuck in these airports any more then the time you need to.

   Extra Charges

So this is one thing I have now expereinced for the first time ever since I have been going on holiday. Coming back from Marrakech, I was unable to access my boarding pass. Having never had any issues with any other airline with boarding passes as they will check you in and print your pass out for you, I just thought ryanair would do the same right!? WRONG . Ryanair charge a ridiculous amount for this. Well no boarding pass was printed because I quote from the incapable non english speaking Moroccan at the desk that “we not print boarding pass”.  To even get some sort of boarding pass, a charge of £54 is out of line! Seriously what jerks!

   Baggage Check In 

Having ran round finding the correct cabin baggage size that Ryanair provide, I get to the check in desk and also the boarding gate to be told that there is limited amount of overhead space for cabin luggage. However to check in my cabin baggage was free, but I definately was not going to check my cabin bag in, and spend up to another hour waiting to pick it up at the other end!

   Seat Pockets

Ryanair simply dont have them. So there pretty much nowhere to put your belongings during your flight. How very annoying and fustrating.

   No Water

I understand, my flight ticket was cheap enough and I know I dont expect to be given any food but it wouldnt kill anyone for a glass of tap water right?

  Those Cheap Yellow Pastic Seats

Very much uncomfortable and sight for soar eyes.

  The Landing 

Up until recently or well the last time I travelled with ththe airline, Ryanair will play this really annoying music and have this announcement to celebrate another flight landing on time. Its the last thing you reallywant to hear.  As well as this, the landing itself is incredibly sharp and not as smooth as other airlines I have travelled with.

   Scratch Cards

The airline sells scratch cards…that is all

   No Air Sick Bags 

I dont get motion sickness but just for those just in case situation, I like to have the comfort of having a bag in front of me.


One thought on “Why Not To Fly With Ryanair Again

  1. The customer service is awful. One of their staff had me close to tears on my birthday. It was such a mess and another time they had me standing in what looked like a bunker, but was meant to be a pre boarding area for almost an hour!


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