Airports, Flights, Delays and Fellow Passengers

As British Summer Time begins and kids are ever so close to the all important 6 weeks summer holiday, Β most of us start to begin to think about some actual summer weather abroad with the family or friends. But it is never a smooth process if you are a regular traveller.

As most will know, I have just come back from 35c + weather in Marrakech. However as always the holiday process was not a smooth as it should have been.

Living in Peterborough, the closest airport(s) is London…a 2 hour drive which is never easy specially when taking an early morning and/or long haul flight abroad! This means having to be up at ridiculous times during the early hours of the morning just to drive, park the car and check-in for a flight within the specified time limit.

Airports are pretty much the last place you want to spend a considerable amount of time then you actually need to. Most airports are incredibly dull, small and boring as your just sitting there wanting to get on that plane and get to a warmer location.

More often the not, flights get delayed and cancelled due to whatever reason…thats if you manage to actually find out the route cause. And im sure we’ve all experienced this before. These delays and cancellations can be such an inconvenience when you have been looking foward to be getting away, paid a considerable amount for this holiday and suddenly your stranded at the airport! DELAYS DELAYS DELAYS! I HATE DELAYS!

This is something that has happened twice before that I can remember, specially with my recent trip to Marrakech! Baring in mind, this holiday was especially booked for my 25th Birthday and actaully being in Marrakech on the day itself. Airlines know exactly when and how to let us know about a delay and this seems to only be announced after rushing to the boarding gate and after you have sat in your allocated seat on the plane!

But thats not the end of it! Once the delay has been announced, what are we meant to do? There is not much more you can do but sit and wait. This was however not the case while sat on the plane at Luton Airport. For the last couple of weeks there have been an airstrike in France, and travelling with RyanAir meant there was up to 2 hours delay. While everyone still had network since we were still grounded, researching lead to finding out that Ryanair had cancelled over 70 flights. Obviously this being my 25th Birthday I was on the verge of outrage if the announcement everyone on board was going to hear that our flight has been cancelled. Fellow passengers in the row in front did not make the waiting any easy either. Having to hear “they’ve cancelled this many flights”…”I dont want to go back home” …”they’re going to cancel this flight”…”we’ve booked our excursions already and one is tomorrow” amoungst other comments annoyed and pissed me off yet thinking “just shut up” and “nobody prebooks excursions specially not for the day after (i dont anyways!”).

Glad that was the last time I saw them again on the return flight since there was a delay coming back! Joys of flying! Dont we just love them?


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