Favourite Comedy Shows I Could Never Get Bored Of

This really doesnt need much thought or any explanation. We all watch some form of comedy show(s) or have watched in the past which you could literally put on right now and spend most of the day watching

FRIENDS – I know I know the show finished a long time ago (sad times) and all the cast have moved on to bigger and better things but its FRIENDS that made them who they are today. In theory, my sister got me into watching FRIENDS and that too on the plane (cant remember where we were going). I could simply just put this on and sit all evening watching from season 1. Just wish they’d made the movie!

The Big Bang Theory – Although I cant remember how i got into watching this, The Big Bang Theory is simply a geekier version to FRIENDS (in my eyes anyways) but I love the show with its sciencey facts, the blondness of Penny (Kaley Couco) and general comic timing by all the cast. Being so up to date with the all the seasons, I just cant wait for the next season. I wont spoil it for anyone who is still catching up

My Wife And Kids – I grew up watching this when my I was younger on a Friday night with my sister and dad. However somewhere alone the lines I lost interest in the show, and never knew Junior had a child and got married to Vanessa at such a young age. So in one way or another, I’m glad that all the seasons are being shown on TV so I can laugh as much as I use to.

8 Simple Rules – Just another Kaley Couco show so how could you not love watching the series. Even though this is Kaley long before The Big Bang Theory, it is just as a funny. Simply a show whether the parents try to control their teenage kids which any modern day family can relate to.


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