Disney’s Aladdin – The Musical

So this weekend has been a crazy one but in amongst it all, I went to my first ever west end musical in London. And no better than to start it with – Aladdin! I’ve always wanted to go to the theatre but has never worked out, and again did not think it would happen, but due to an extended family member dropping out last minute, I certainly did not want to miss the chance.

Anyways I wont bore you with what Aladdin’s all about since we’ve all read the story and seen the film many many times before. But what I will do is give my reasons why you should go watch the musical…specially if it is your first ever musical! It will not disappoint, I promise!

1. The Story

Aladdin for me (if not for a lot people) is probably one of my favourite Disney films and is by far a story that we all know and love. Aladdin takes on a story of Romeo and Juliet of a street rat and princess that fall in love which is crammed with drama, magic and comedy. Although in this exciting stage production the story is told in more of a pantomime style, it did take a while to get use to (especially this being my first theatre outing). But once I had got use to it, I simply fell in love with with the story all over again, the brilliant comedy timing and magic.

2. The Songs 

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the songs from the Aladdin. But there is no denying A Whole New World is my favourite and a treat to hear live (both musically and visually). You will also get to hear other much loved tracks like One Jump Ahead, Prince Ali and Arabian Nights, along with songs cut from the film and new songs especially for the stage version like Diamond In The Rough and Proud Of Your Boy which will have Disney nerds rejoicing.

3. The Genie! 

Okay, so the entire cast/characters are brilliant, Trevor Dion Nicholas who plays the Genie steals the show! The way he engages with the audience, brilliant comic timing from the minute he walks onto the stage and throughout is just perfect!

4. The Set and Costumes 

The production on the whole is just absolutely spectacular. All the different sets, especially the magic carpet I could not keep my eyes off the stage! I went in without watching an spoilers as I did not want to ruin my experience and wanted to find out for myself what I was going to expect while watching it. And it did not disappoint! The show is simply bursting with colour, glitter, confetti, fun and a lot of surprises and magic!

5.     Simply Full of Fun! –

Simply, I thought it was a brilliant show that can be enjoyed as a wholesome family fun, crammed with everything you expect from Aladdin; from the great songs, to the drama, romance, hilarious comedy and wonder. I was crying with laughter, singing to the songs and simply amazed and gobsmacked at the beauty of all the set designs.

It is so easy to see why Aladdin is such a big hit, as the audience were on par with the cast’s energy! I would highly recommend to all as it is a guaranteed you will love it just as much as I did and in such a happy mood! So go get booking and hope you enjoy it!



3 thoughts on “Disney’s Aladdin – The Musical

      1. I saw Lion King on stage before, but do not remember seeing it. I would love to see it again.

        By the way, just last year I was in London. My mom took me to see Les Mis and that night was a dream come true


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