Ishtar Lounge Peterborough

So lately Peterborough has had a lot of change coming through, specially in terms of dessert only restaurants and cafes. Which is great as it means not having to travel up to 1 hour for desserts. And there also go my diet for the weekends! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

You may have read my previous post on Tamu Dessert Lounge which has so far been the only dessert lounge I have been to in Peterborough. On Friday, I decided to go to another dessert lounge called Ishtar. Ishtar again like Tamu serves waffles and crepes as well as milkshakes to cater to your sweettooth craving. However, the only difference is, Ishtar is a Turkish grill and shisha lounge. You dont see many of these types restaurants in Peterborough as you would see around cities like Nottingham, Leicester and London.

My sister and a few friends had been keeping an eye about when Ishtar was going to open and the general theme of what the restaurant was going to be like. And as like many businesses, delays for the big opening occurred but finally opened on Thursday this week.

Knowing that it is still the month of Ramadan, most of the Asian community were going to be at the restaurant on the opening night, so waiting for a day or two was something me and my sister took into consideration.

Anyways, as we arrived at Ishtar, my sister, friends and I were took by surprise as we walked through the front door. The different rooms, the decor, and lighting was just amazing. In some way it felt like I was back in Marrakech or something. The restaurant itself has a function room that caters to birthdays, engagement, weddings which can be hired out. Not only this, I mentioned before they have an outside shisha lounge, desserts and a separate room for just women only.

In my opinion, the restaurant itself is amazing and prices are reasonable for what you get, but compared to other dessert/shisha lounges I have been to before, it just didnt really work for me, and was not like you could put your feet up and relaxed. It felt rather rushed. Since we all pretty much had dinner beforehand, dessert and shisha was what we ended up getting. We ordered: White Chocolate Indulge Waffle, Strawberry and Cream Crepe and a Pineapple Flavoured Shisha. Not being a huge shisha fan, I gave that a miss and just munched my way through my waffle. The waffle was nice but nothing compared to Tamu. However the restaurant does serve hot food such as Falafal and Halloumi Wraps, and burgers which is something I would try out if I go next time.

All in all, I would recommend going here since it is something new in Peterborough. But if you compare desserts for me Tamu is still my favourite. Anyways go checkย Ishtar Loungeย out and let me know your opinions.




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