Ta Ta Old Job…Hello New Job

So recently I’ve started a new job with one of the biggest companies in the world. And while I’ve only started 2 friday’s ago (15th July) with training, I have seen a huge difference between my old job and my new job.

So as you may know, I graduated a year ago, and as a graduate, getting the all important experience and your ideal job in your field is a difficult process. So it was quite difficult for me to find the relevant job after graduation. Because living in Peterborough isnt the best place when it comes to job opportunities as it would be if I lived in London, Birmingham and other big cities around the UK.

I was astonished when I had applied for a 1st Line Support job with a small IT company. I mean they arent solely an IT solutions company, but they also do data cabling, electrical and audio visual. Anyways, like all normal people, I applied through their website (which is still not up to date!) and was surprised that I got a call asking if I was available to come for an interview the following day!…I wont bore you all to sleep with word to word of what happened during the interview process and throughout my time with the company but here a few things that I enduring while being with company and how it differs to my new workplace

No Training – So again being a graduate, this was the first job within the IT world and I had no clue what I was suppose to do. So you would think that the company I was with would give me the all important training before letting me lose onto the systems and phones right? Nope, nothing. I had to find everything out myself, which really believe you me in not the best possible situation to be in!

Having only been employed at my new workplace for just under 2 weeks now, I and others that have joined the company are being given the all important training. This to me gives me the feeling that company value their employees, helping them with all the systems they do use (there are alot!) to get your head around and even if there are difficulties someone is always around to help.

No Extra Courses – Ok so a lot of IT companies have extra courses they put their colleagues through such as being Microsoft certified (basically everything to do with Microsoft in simple terms). So this was one thing I specifically asked in my interview because for me to progress going through different courses helps with this. My manager/boss did say during the interview that they were going through the process of everyone doing a couple of courses which to be sounded great. But as time went on, nothing ever happened, regardless of the amount of times I asked. On one occasion, I brought this question up again, to which I got told “because you are not an apprentice like ____  it’s more important for me to concentrate on ____ get through their exams first” OK THEN!

Now with my new work place, not sure if there are extra courses available but I have heard a training member mention that if anyone wants to progress further onto a different department than going onto different courses is necessary….So only time will tell on this.

The Run Around – So the IT company contracted me and other employees out to Perkins/CAT, a global company. Everything was fine being contracted out to the company, but I personally felt that I was tossed around like a ball. Nobody else was going from the main office to Perkins and vice versa. Was just me. I disliked this because it felt as if I was being taken advantage of…not what my manager claimed of “getting to use with the different systems”.

I can definitely cannot say this for my new workplace as everyone dealing with the same system and everyone is in one place.

Being In The Business – So I would say within the IT department that everyone has been in the IT Industry for quite a long time…compared to me who had just entered. So you would naturally think that everyone would welcome you with open arms, understand that you are a graduate and give you all the help/guidance you required right? Well not really. Basically everyone just expected me to get on with whatever I had to do, with no actually tips on working my way through the many systems and servers I had to get to with each of our customers’s systems.

I can definitely again say with my new workplace, it doesnt matter if someone’s been in the company for 1year or 10years, there is always someone who can guide you through your calls asking what I should be asking the customer and how to guide the newbies correctly through the systems to find the answer.

All in all, my previous job and the company was a disappointing start into the world of IT. Not taking into consideration that I had a weekend job at Sainsbury’s, I did not want to start until after I had left. This meant I was working 7 days a week for a month, which is really not ideal. There was miscommunication and no information given when processes had changed. In the end, when they finally managed to do a 6 months review everything that was said by manager was reflected everything that was bad on my part. When I mentioned how my team leader made no effort in helping me but made a lot of effort with another new person, he told me and I quote “I dont like to compare other people”. Well I suppose they have and need to hear it because they are a terrible company, with many employees leaving the job within the first couple of weeks. I have since leaving the company told a number of my friends considering a 1st Line Support job not to apply, as the company will not help with their career, any form of progression or the wages.


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