Modern Day Technology

So recently I decided to buy a new laptop, because still having a laptop running on Windows Vista is just not cool. I normally take a while to decide on what laptop I want to get next (bit like me getting a new phone), and when it does come to thinking about a new laptop, my dad is the go to man as he has always brought the laptops and PCs around the house. However, this was going to be the first time that I was going to purchase the laptop all by myself.

So I did little research as possible, which isnt me, as I like to know about what options I have when it comes to spending soo much money into a product before just buying without thinking. Anyways with the research I did manage to do and also asking my brother-in-law for help as well, I decided to go with a Lenovo laptop. The one i decided to get was Lenovo Ideapad 310 in white. The design itself was lovely, light weight and had a generous 1TB harddrive. For someone who takes a lot of pictures, stream films and has a lot of music it really was the ideal laptop for me.

However that wasnt the problem. Considering it had been such a long time since having a new laptop, I was unaware that you could not create a system recovery using DVDs but needed to be done with a USB flashdisk, therefore having to go back to Currys/PCWorld to fork out more money buying a 32gb USB flashdisk. But that was the least of my worries.

Quickly it became apparent that the laptop had several issues as I was using it within the first week. The main and most frustrating issues was the WIFI. It quickly became clear that whenever I was upstairs/in my bedroom, the laptop would not get any WIFIΒ connection upstairs but could when sat downstairs. When all the other laptops we do have, have no problems with the WIFI, so I had no idea why this was happening even after connecting our internet provider to see if it was something to do from their side.

In the end, I decided to get an exchange on the laptop for a market leading brand. Yes i decided to go for a HP, specifically the HP Pavailion 15-AB270SA in red. Yes i decided to go red its unlikely that I’ll ever buy a red laptop again. And so far, I can say that I have not had an issue with the laptop since buying it 2 weeks ago. Just like the Lenovo laptop, the style of laptop is nice, just takes time to get use to the keyboard and buttons. Has 8GB of RAM and 1TB harddrive but more importantly has a better battery life of nearly 9 hours which is perfect. One difference I have noticed between this laptop and my old Sony laptop is that the HP does not over heat as much/at all compared to my Sony laptop felt like a boiler when it was not attached a laptop fan cooler.

Anyways I know this was a boring post after a 2 month break (work’s been stressful and i needed a break from blogging) but yeh lets hope I have no issues with this laptop!


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