That First Date Experience

So I’m just going to cut straight to the point…around 3ish months ago I started online dating. Why you ask? Well its been over a year since I’ve been single and Im now at that age where I need to think about finding “The One”, because well I’m not getting any younger! Not going to lie, I have reservations about this whole online dating thing because you never really know if your talking to someone who’s claiming to be themselves or not and you hear all these stories in the news.

Anyways, so when someone from a dating website found me on Facebook, poked me, sent a friend request and messaged me on Facebook. This I found really weird because it felt really stalkerish, so I didnt respond to the message for a couple of weeks. Weeks went by and plucked up the courage to message the guy and all of a suddenly he went quiet for a week. So like any normal person I just left it thinking he wasnt interested, but he then messaged me back apologising that he hasnt been able to respond back and blaming work purposes for the lack of communication.

Cutting back to the point again…couple of weeks went by messaging back and forth with him flirting with me, telling me to download the Pokemon game (which i did, but couldnt be bothered with it). He then out of nowhere mentions that I know his cousin from university and that where I though “Oh Shit” like anyone would right? Turns out I do know his cousin from university however I never spoke to him much. Eventually we finally managed to set a date to go on the first date which needless to say both were totally nervous about.

The date itself went fairly well…up until paying for the bill. Now, I know many have different opinions on who should pay on a first date, and I watch FIRST DATES on Channel 4 so I was pretty much expecting him to pay. But that definitely wasnt what he was thinking. He gave me that look you give someone when you want them to go halves. In the end he paid anyways.

After the date finished and I got back on the train home, (yes I stayed in London the whole day, and waited for him to finish work to see him!) he messaged to let me know that he had got home and said that for next time to go halves as he wasnt expecting me not to pay. To which I was totally honest with him saying that I was First Dates and generally the guy always pays so I just followed that principle.

Now this is where the problem stands…up until the date and day after the date, constant messaging from both sides were thrown back and forth, then out of nowhere, the guy goes quiet with the odd message here and there asking how I am. Half my friends have said he’s not worth my time and energy when he only seems to want to contact me when it suits him, who didnt really take into consideration that I traveled to London for the day, waited for him to finish work to see him, wanted me to go halves on a first date and the fact I made an effort with my appearance…first impressions count right?! When I told my sister and mum about him wanting me to go halves on a first date, they were pretty much shocked as well. But still to this day, the guy is pretty much quiet, doesnt really seem interested and all he can say to me is “hi how are you”.

What would you do in my situation?! Would you send a message a guy you had a first date with and be down to the point by asking if they are interested in you? Plus would you go halves on a first date or would you let and want the guy to pay on a first date?


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