About Me


My name is Nikita. I’m 25 years old (sad times!) and a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Studying Information Systems for a number of years at university, has lead me towards my current job into the IT industry as a 1st/2nd Line Desktop Support Analyst. Which for those non-techy readers out there, I answer incoming calls and try to help sort out people’s computer related issues.

I am bit food obsessed not going to lie. One thing I cannot live without is chocolate. Milk, Plain, White and even a little bit of Dark Chocolate, you name it, chances are I’ll eat it. On occasion (havent recently) I do love to try out new recipes, such as ferrero rocher cupcakes, eggless cakes.

I do get asked on a regular basis what I want to do in life, job wise? Considering having an IT degree, it is a little difficult to know what route to go down. It’s not just a simple route like Dentistry you know!? But I do have a passion for web development. So lets see where I end up.

One day I will update this properly, as I generally am a little clueless and this is a little bit new to me. So erm yeah keep tuned πŸ™‚