Struggles Of University Graduation Day Every Student Will Understand

Its that season for most universities students where they begin to wonder and be anxious about: GRADUATION! Its never an easy ride for some as they doubt whether or not they are going to graduate. But once that worry is out of the way, the real excitement starts to begin with counting down the days till you graduate. But even those day till you graduate is never as smooth either:

  1. You panic that you dont have anything smart to wear and fork out a considerable amount on a one-time outfit…well we girls do anyway. I have
  2. Graduation Day arrives and your up at stupid o’clock to get dressed and drag the rest of your family in the car to get to the hallย on time
  3. You think you look very cool when you go collect your cap and gown – mainly because someone will put everything on you and pin it together…yet it still manages slide into different positions
  4. You’ll definitely think you’re in Harry Potter – Oh I wish it was the case
  5. ย You’re still contemplating on whether or not you’re wearing your mortarboard properly –
  6. You definitely wont recognise a lot of students that are graduating
  7. You will see all your friends and coursemates who have managed to gain their degree
  8. You will avoid talking to certain people for whatever reason
  9. A member of the uni faculty who you’ve never seen will give a speech
  10. A guest speaker will also be giving a speech – be hopeful if this person is funny otherwise you will be bored to death
  11. Someone’s name will be pronounced wrong
  12. Someone will fall as they walk on stage…it always happens
  13. You will patiently wait till you get on stage and get your certificate…then you will be bored and hoping it ends soon
  14. You will be unbelievably hot
  15. People will be collecting PhDs with funny titles
  16. Your parents/relatives may cry
  17. You will try to throw your mortarboard in the air…without getting hit by it or someone else…because it happens
  18. You seek out the most attractive places of the campus to take a variety of selfies and family photos
  19. You look forward to getting professional graduation pictures…but when they arrive home they look awful
  20. You and your friends try to arrange a quick celebration
  21. You feel sad that its all over and no longer a student…sad times
  22. Relieved that you dont have to do a dissertation ever again!

To all those hoping to graduate this summer, all the best and enjoy every moment of it ๐Ÿ™‚


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